YouTube Controls & Approval Process

Teachers & Admins must log into Google with account before any of this information below will work.  If you try to browse YouTube without being logged into your account, you will be in restricted mode.


With the concept of Google Classroom and with many teachers now utilizing it inside of the classroom comes issues regarding how we control YouTube access to our students. YouTube has so many Educational videos to offer, but we also know YouTube has a lot of bad videos out there as well. We have to restrict our students on YouTube from harmful/explicit content and material but have a procedure in place for teachers/admins to approve material that they think is appropriate to all students within our district.

Example:  A Teacher or an Admin finds a very important Educational video via YouTube that is valuable to students as a learning mechanism will now have approval rights for students to access that video via YouTube.  These videos can be searchable, shared links or embedded videos within Google Classroom.   

Below is the what the blue approval bar looks like, just click Approve.

Science Experiment Screenshot

Note: The student must be signed into the Google Accounts we provide or else they will continue to be in restricted mode and cannot access the approved videos.

The majority of School Districts as of now either leave YouTube wide open or explicitly deny access to the site, we no longer fall under either of those categories.  We can now leverage and allow our teachers and admins approve content that is appropriate for their viewing. 

We ask to make sure the content that everyone approves is appropriate and great resources for our students, we want them to have an awesome but safe learning environment.  Just as a reminder, we can see what’s being approved by each teacher/admin and view the video that has been approved. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Department.