Guest Wireless Internet Access Instructions

Joining the Guest Wireless Network via Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy


A BYOD policy, or bring-your-own-device policy, is a set of rules governing our District’s IT Department level of support.  Personally owned devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets that may include Windows, Android and IOS operating systems require a level of authentication before being able to gain access to resources on our network such as Internet Access.  

In order to provide a secure and safe environment for our Guest Users we have new procedures that have to be followed when bringing a personally owned device into the school division and connecting it to the DCPS Guest Network.  We encourage BYOD and have no issues at all giving you the access you need, we are just doing it a little differently now to provide a level of transparency of how we categorize, recognize and protect each endpoint and user.  We will always be here to help assist in this installation if you need help.

Obtaining Wireless Access:

Joining the DCPS Guest Network

  1. On your BYOD device, if you haven’t already joined DCPS Guest Network, the information to join is below.
    1. SSID -             DCPS Guest
    2. Password -      Guest026!

     2.  Once you connect your wireless device, you will be redirected to our Aerohive Acceptable Use Policy Page, from there you will click Accept.  Give this about 10 seconds and then the your device will redirect you to login to the ContentKeeper login page.  The guest username and password is listed below.

              Username: dcpsguest
              Password:  Dcps026!
     3. Click Done after logging into ContentKeeper.

Installing the Root Certificate

By installing this certificate, any websites that we are decrypting such as Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo you will not receive any SSL errors or page cannot be displayed notifications. Please see the instructions below that pertains to which device you will be using so the certificate gets installed correctly to your device.  Read carefully and pay close attention to the areas outlined in RED.